Welcome to my writing and blogging world!

Finally! I have a blog,really i have been planning on starting my own blog for years now but something will come up and i forget about it.I mean i keep procrastinating.

So this morning, I decided that this year I  will stop procrastinating and start something because i just need to step up my game and move to the next level. So to anyone reading this,if you have something in mind you want to do and you keep saying  I will do it tomorrow and the tomorrow comes but you keep moving it. My dear,you will end up not doing anything and i mean anything!  Just make a decision and start something NOW!

Like my principal in my secondary school would say “procrastination is a thief of time”. Procrastination is not something you should keep doing because you wont get to do anything. I am so glad I decided to start blogging today.I mean i have been posting this thing for years. I welcome all my readers to my blog, I look forward to having a good time with you,sharing good post and reading your comments and also replying them.

I feel at ease finally doing this,you just have to see the big smile I have on my face typing this. Once again,i welcome you to extemy.wordpress.com. I know someone reading this will be wondering what the blog is all about. I will keep that talk for the next post. So keep in touch with me and check this space for the next post about what and what i will be dishing out for my dear readers.

Welcome everyone and thanks for reading this.



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