Here is why you should eat onions

I can remember while growing up, I never used to like onions. I always pick it out from my food whenever I see it and my mom will always say, “Will you eat this thing, you don’t know the health benefit of onions”.
A few years later, I realized how good onions are and really I can’t do without making use of onions in my stews, soup, noodles, beans cake etc.
So this brings me to the topic, which is why you should eat onions. Onions have a whole lot of benefit and if you don’t make use of it after reading this write-up, I think you should start and enjoy the benefits.
• Have you ever heard of osteoporosis? (It is a condition that weakens bones, making them fragile and more likely to break).
Onions help to protect one from osteoporosis.
• Onions help one to have a good memory and strong nervous system.
• Are you experiencing any form of menstrual disorder? Onions help to cure it. The trick is that you have to take onions few days before your period.
• For men, onions help to increase sperm count( I know some men will start taking more onions due to this reason)
• It cures sleeping disorder.
• It aids digestion
• It helps in regulating blood sugar.
• Onion juice helps to get rid of black spot and pigmentation.
• Onion juice can help hair growth or any form of hair problem.
• It can be used to prevent cancer especially head, neck and colon cancer.
• It prevents tooth decay and reduces tooth pain.
• It improves the body immunity
• It reduces pain and inflammation of joints
• It is a good remedy for a cough, cold, sore throat and, even fever.
This can be achieved by mixing the onion juice with honey.
These are some of the few benefits of onions. Onions can be taken in different ways. Find a way that works for you and always remember take it in moderation.

Photo credit: Veggie gardener


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