How to turn your passion into a career

Over the years there have been so many talks about turning your passion into a lifetime career. Different people have taken this statement seriously and have ventured into what they enjoy doing, some came back with a success story.
On the other hand, we can’t ignore the fact that some have actually failed and I must say they failed because they didn’t plan ahead and also they didn’t understand the steps needed when making such transition.
So this brings me to the question of how to turn your passion into a career. I will provide answers to that question in this article.
Firstly, by now you already know where your passion is. However, I will just explain more about how to identify your passion for those who are still struggling to identify what their passion is.
Your passion is something you enjoy doing, it is what you do effortlessly and you excel well in doing. So try to figure out what your passion is for those who are yet to discover it.
The next discussion is the “how”? This I will explain below.

Do a proper research
Before turning your passion into a career, you need to do a proper research. Understand what this new career entails, look out for people in that field and get to read about them and also learn from them, understand your target audience.
Passion and interest may not be enough to succeed in your chosen field. If there is a need to get a degree, certificate course in that field, please do so. Also, attend a seminar that will help you get more knowledge and never stop learning.

Have a plan
Like the saying goes “whoever fails to plan has planned to fail”. It is so simple, you cannot be leaving your regular 9-5 job that caters for your need, for a career that you have no plan for. So sit down and have a plan on what and what you will do.
Your plan should also be a realistic one, how your career will be successful, what and what you will do differently to reach out to your target audience and figure out your selling point.
Remember to have a plan b. Your plan b does not mean you will fail in your career, it only means you are ready for any obstacle that comes your way and you will definitely bounce back.

Network, Network, and Network
You just can’t avoid it, you need to network. Let people know about your business or career, talk about what you do at any opportunity you have to. People will get to know what you do when you advertise yourself.
Thank God for the internet, one can make use of different social media platforms to network. Your target audience will determine which platform you will mostly use to network. So take a huge advantage of this and network.You can even start networking before you launch your business or career.

Be flexible
Turning your passion into career won’t be so easy, that is the truth. You just have to listen to different suggestion and don’t feel bad or feel like a failure if your plan does not work out like you have planned. Just keep going, if one does not work out find another one. Make sure you don’t give up on your dream. Be open to change and be flexible and remember Rome was not built in a day and don’t accept failure.

I wish you all the best.

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