Questions you should ask before saying “Yes”.

So finally he is on his bended knees, asking you to marry him. It feels so good to hear him say those beautiful words and you just feel like shouting “yes” because you have long waited to get married.
On the other hand, can you just please take a deep breath and think about this big step you are about taking before you finally say yes.
Marriage is a long-term commitment.You have to be certain about this decision before going ahead with it.Therefore you should ask your spouse these following questions below before saying the big yes.

1. Are you truly ready to get married?
Marriage takes a lot of effort for it to work out. It is nothing compared to the relationship you both have at the moment.In a marriage, there are different adjustments that will be made. So are you ready for that adjustment? Are you ready to let go of some of your habit that can hinder the marriage? Are you ready to spend the rest of your life with this person? Are you sure you are not in love with the idea of the grand wedding? All these should be ironed out before accepting the proposal. When you are ready for marriage, there will be this deep conviction within you that clean out every iota of doubt you may have.

2. What is your financial situation?
This is the most avoided talk when it comes to marriage and the financial issue also accounts for the reason for divorce in marriages. So why not safe yourself the trouble and ask about this before saying yes. It is important that you are aware of his current financial situation and he is also aware of yours. It will be disappointing to get into the marriage and find out some not so cool stuff about your partner’s financial situation, so ask and if you feel you are okay with the situation, then go ahead.
In addition, in case you both go through a sort of financial setback, would you be strong enough to handle it? How does he manage his finances? Address these questions before going ahead.

3. Do you have a medical condition I should know about?
It is imperative you know about your partner’s medical condition. Ask about any physical or mental condition that can lead to unpleasant and stressful circumstances in the marriage.
Let your partner be aware of any of your medical condition in order not to be caught aware. It will help a long way to prevent conflict in marriage.

4. What about religion or faith matters?
Religion is a big aspect of a person life.You should both iron this out especially if you are both from different religious backgrounds to prevent conflict in marriage. Hence, decide if you will continue with your present religion or switch to your partner’s religion in order to have a more unified home.

5. Your thoughts about having children?
Having children can be a big change in anyone’s life. So you have to both decide if you are going to have children? If you are ready to have kids immediately after the wedding? If you want to start childbearing after a year? Therefore, all these should be discussed. In addition, discuss the number of children you intend having also.
These are few of the questions you should address before going into marriage. However, they are the basic questions that can help prevent conflict that can lead to divorce.
Most importantly, marriage is a beautiful union and proper step should be followed before going into it. It should not be rushed into to avoid regret. To all intending couples, I wish you all the best.

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